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BBS platform | BBS NanoTech

BBS platform

Using our proprietary platform, BBS Nanotechnology can rapidly generate therapeutic and/or diagnostic nanoparticles, which have been selected for optimal biological and pharmaceutical properties.

BBS platform harnesses the chemistry of natural biocompatible polymers, and allows them to self-assemble in a well-understood and highly controllable setting, enabling selection of targeting molecules and payloads with desired therapeutic and/or diagnostic characteristics.

Nanosystem generation is achieved through coupling self-assembled nanoparticles containing cancer therapeutics with molecules that recognize and bind to cancer cells. Self-assembly is the natural process by which positively and negatively charged biopolymers combine to generate stable particles of specific size and shape for encapsulating cytotoxic cancer drugs and diagnostics. By encapsulating and targeting drugs using the proprietary chemistry of the BBS platform, safer therapeutics and diagnostics can be rapidly evolved under controlled conditions.

In our platform, each nanoparticle displays targeting molecules on the particle surface allowing internalization by cancer cells without release of cytotoxic drugs or diagnostics into the patient’s bloodstream. The proprietary composition and methods of our platform allow either covalent or ionic attachment of both water soluble and insoluble drugs for maximum flexibility. Well known drugs and diagnostics can thus be delivered to patients’ cancer cells while sparing their healthy cells from the damage associated with cytotoxic drugs and imaging agents.

Our nanosystem is comprised of polyglutamic or hyaluronic acid and chitosan, which are biocompatible polymers from natural sources including the human body itself, allowing simple, safe manufacture, stability and other desirable characteristics for the development of diagnostic and pharmaceutical agents.

Differentiating advantages of BBS nanosystem:

  • Chemistry
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    • Slight negative surface charge allows improved internalization by cancer cells
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    • Covalent linkages between drug, targeting moiety and nanoparticles prevent drug leakage and enhance targeting to cancer cells
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    • Well understood chemistry de-risks candidates early in development process
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    • Variety of functional groups allows attachment of different targeting molecules, cancer drugs and diagnostics
  • Safety
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    • Biocompatible, biodegradable, FDA approved components
  • Manufacturability
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    • Narrow particle size distribution allows the establishment of robust product release specifications
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    • Leverages natural process of self-assembly allowing lower cost of goods
  • Theranostics
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    • Incorporation of drug + diagnostic into same particle allows “dose painting” for individualized treatment