Health Care

The targeted nanoparticles of BBS Nanotechnology allow the efficient delivery of micronutrients (vitamins, minerals and antioxidants) required for healthy nutrition. The favorable bioavaibility, the economic manufacturability and the highly flexible and well-controlled chemistry ensure a wide range of applications. The solubility of the payloads can be different: the BBS nanosystems allow delivery of both fat soluble and water soluble molecules.

Cancer Diagnostics

BBS Nanotechnology is developing a pipeline of targeted nanoparticle contrast agents and radiopharmaceuticals for single and new generation dual modality diagnostic. Our diagnostic agents incorporate FDA approved, well known contrast agents and/or radiopharmaceuticals with proven efficacy but with toxicities that limit their use.The competitive advantages of our platform have permitted BBS Nanotechnology to rapidly generate diagnostic nanoparticles for imaging a variety of solid tumors.

Cancer Therapy

BBS Nanotechnology is developing a pipeline of therapeutic nanoparticles using its technology platform. Our programs are incorporate FDA approved, well known cytotoxic drugs with proven efficacy but debilitating side effects that limit their use. The competitive advantages of our platform have permitted BBS Nanotechnology to rapidly generate therapeutic nanoparticles against a variety of cancers. The unprecedented diversity available from our platform has allowed generation of candidates demonstrating both Proof of Concept and Proof of Relevance in vitro against cancer cell lines and in vivo using relevant animal models of ovarian and breast cancer. In addition, each of our pipeline nanoparticles has demonstrated robust biophysical properties.

Cancer Theranostics

Unique among its competitors, BBS Nanotechnology is developing combined therapeutics and diagnostics, theranostics, for simultaneous treatment and visualization of solid tumors. BBS platform’s flexible, functional, controllable chemistry allows the encapsulation of two completely different types of molecular entities to realize the future of cancer care

Although not a reality yet, theranostics offer the ability for the treating oncologist to partner with the patient’s radiologist to observe in real time the location of the treatment within a patient’s tumor and to adjust drug and radiation dosages to the patient’s tumor over the course of treatment for personalized medicine leading to improved patient outcomes.

In radiation therapy the ability to adjust the dose of radiation in real time and space (i.e., dose-painting) has been a long sought after treatment goal promising the elimination of cancer while sparing normal, healthy tissues from debilitating radiation damage. BBS is working with its preeminent board of scientific advisors including internationally known radiologists and radiation therapists to make this vision a reality for cancer patients.

Adult male Fischer 344 rats. Hepatocellular carcinoma (Hepatocarcinoma Debreceniensis, HeDe) were placed under the left-side renal capsule. Using this method abdominal tumors and metastasis were modeled.

Anticancer Research (2014)
Vol. 34, Pages 49-60