The leadership team at BBS includes individuals with over 25 years of experience in pharmaceutical drug and nanosystem development.
Leveraging the experience of its leadership, BBS sets the bar at the highest international standards for scientific achievement and executes to these standards.

Eszter Prépost, M.D.


After graduating at the Medical University of Pécs (Hungary) Eszter has started as a Clinical Research Associate at Sanofi-Aventis.
After gaining knowledge on various therapeutic areas she moved on to set up the local affiliate of an international Contract Research Organization (Averion International) as a general manager at the same time leading the local team, providing project management as well as client liaison and business development services.
She gained further insight on clinical research, particularly on cross-functional and international collaborations at a multinational pharma company (Merck Sharp & Dohme) as an associate director where she was exposed to tasks on a regional scale.

Krisztina Kerekes, Ph. D.

Head of Laboratory

Dr. Krisztina Kerekes graduated in biology and received her Ph.D. from Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest.
She has worked at BBS Nanotechnology since 2012. Prior to it, she was at  the Department of Immunology of Eötvös Loránd University (Budapest) where she was researching the innate immun system and participated in teaching of Practice of Immunology. Dr. Kerekes is coauthor of 23 peer reviewed scientific papers and 2 granted US Patents.
She has great experience in most of the cellbiological works, in different biological tests and their evaluations. She coordinates the laboratory work of BBS and keeps contact with external providers.