Title: Mapping the behaviour of biomarkers for microvascularisation
using medical imaging nanoparticles in a professional reviewer environment

Project number: GINOP 2.1.1-15-2015-00609
Project type: Collaborative
Number of participants: 2
Coordinator: Scanomed Ltd.
Partner: BBS Nanotechnology Ltd.
Total Grant Amount: 331 706 253 HUF
Funding rate: 64.19 %
Planned End Date: 31/08/2018

Szechenyi 2020


Development of a multiparametric expert system for integrated analysis of imaging parameters and other diagnostic (anamnestic data, laboratory tests, etc.) parameters.

Clinical diagnostic tests are performed in obes and diabetes patients to fill the data of the expert system. Clinical diagnostic tests include traditional and non-traditional risk factors and imaging studies. Functional testing of the central nervous system is based on high-resolution quantitative SPECT technology.

Development of a prototype of a targeted nanosystem for more sensitive tracking of changes of microvascularization on diabetic and tumor preclinical model and imaging tests are performed to upload the database.