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About Us | BBS NanoTech

We aim to improve patients’ lives meaningfully by developing therapeutic and diagnostic nanosystems.

BBS Nanotechnology is a privately held company focused on the generation of anti-cancer therapeutics and diagnostics and is a leader in the development of biocompatible, targeted cancer nanosystems for improved patient outcomes.

We are developing a pipeline of novel therapeutic and diagnostic candidates, including differentiated programs in ovarian, breast, lung and rare cancers. BBS Nanotechnology’s platform couples proven cytotoxic oncology drugs with targeted encapsulation to generate high affinity binding to cancer cells, brings cytotoxic and diagnostic agents to cancer cells while avoiding healthy cells and overcomes the limitations of prior nanopartical technologies.

By harnessing the controlled flexibility of BBS’ unique chemistry, ourplatform allows for the selection of optimally targeted nanoparticles to achieve high affinity binding, stability, efficacy and manufacturability.